Introducing the Let’s Get Paid Real Estate Investor Network!

Let’s Get Paid is a real estate investment group in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Unlike most real estate investor associations (REIA) and other real estate clubs, the Let’s Get Paid network of educated investors do more than meet and talk. Let’s Get Paid members actually perform real estate deals using a team-based approach immediately after joining our investor group.

What are the Benefits of Joining Our Real Estate Investment Group?

Members of the Let’s Get Paid real estate investment group receive the following benefits:

  • Mentorship expertise and guidance
  • Online
  • In-person
  • “Inside the Deal Training”
  • Off-market leads for deal finding
  • Deal Funding
  • Proven profit-making systems
  • Processes & technology

As part of the Let’s Get Paid real estate investment group in Dallas Fort Worth, new members immediately begin making money as part of single-family value-added resale deals and buy-and-hold opportunities.

Dallas Real Estate Investment Groups and Real Estate Investment Clubs

Most Dallas REI groups and real estate investment clubs primarily exist to make money from members by charging for training and services. Let’s Get Paid makes no money by charging the members of our investor network.

How Does Our Real Estate Investment Group Make Money?

Let’s Get Paid makes money from real estate transactions and we actually pay the members of our network by giving them roles and responsibilities to execute real estate deals.

Our Let’s Get Paid Mentorship Program Includes Online and In-person Real Estate Investor Mentorship Training!

The Let’s Get Paid real estate investor course mentorship training is much more tactical and actionable than other expensive real estate training courses. Not only is our program free, but the training you receive will also enable you to immediately begin making money as part of real estate transactions in the DFW area.

Sign up for our real estate investment group today or contact us for more information.