Hey everyone. Welcome back. It’s Mike Anderson here with you from LetsGetPaid.com and as promised we are back at my first full rehab as a full-scale real estate investor. Now, last time we were here, I gave you guys a good backstory on how I became a full-time real estate investor. And you got to see the home while it was in progress, while it was in rehab. Now I want you guys to come see what our finished product looks like. And Hey, when we’re finished, I want you to stay through the rest of the video, cause I’m gonna show you and tell you how you can become a full-time real estate investor. Absolutely free here in the Dallas Fort worth area. Come on, let’s take a look.

Hey guys. So as we’re in the house, I’m sure you can see behind me how beautiful this home turned out to be the brand new paint brand new flooring, brand new light fixtures and fans, as well as the beautiful French door in the back with the new cabinetry in the kitchen and back splash. This home turned out to be absolutely beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Now, as you can see, as we take a look through the house, you can see the different things that we’ve done such as the restroom, the carpet and the bedroom, everything just came together. We didn’t change anything as far as the infrastructure, like we said in the last video, but as you can see, our team has really brought it out, made it look a little bit bigger, made it really look like the home that it is now knowing you guys were with us last time, this bathroom was a complete gut, right? But it was also one of our biggest pieces to rehab. In this home. We added a new tub, completely took out the cabinetry, made it a double sink, and really, really brought the life out of this restroom in this beautiful home. Now, as you guys can see, we were really able to bring life to this kitchen with the new cabinetry, new appliances, new countertops, flooring, and backsplash. It really brought out the brightness in this beautiful kitchen.

Now, like in the last video, one of our biggest issues was the standing water leak, that we had in the back bedroom of the home creating a lot of mold across the back wall. After cutting that mold out, replacing the wall, this room turned out to be absolutely beautiful. As we walk into the master bedroom, there’s a lot that we did not do, but just the simple things that we did do really brought out the life in this master bedroom. It does have a half bath attached, which we did not change anything structurally. We just updated, added some new cabinetry and sink in there and a new toilet, but everything else we left the same and this turned out to be a beautiful master bedroom. Now walking into the third bedroom, you’ll see that this bedroom has amazing lighting here, sitting at the front of the house next to the master bedroom. It’s just the, the third piece, the third bedroom to this beautiful home. Now we did absolutely nothing to this backyard, but still I feel that it’s a very good addition to this beautiful home. Now, very spacious. Uh, it has a storage unit that is fairly new. This is the perfect backyard for a family, or if you have a dog or if you just love family barbecues and cookouts, perfect addition to such a beautiful home.

So it’s been a journey. And first I want to thank you guys for taking the time to come along on it. With me from full-time employee to full-time real estate investor. I’d like to say I came long way. And along with this house from being where it was to being what you see now, it’s amazing what the little bit of tender love and care can do to a home. Now, if you’re watching this video and you’re thinking for yourself that, Hey, I wanna become a full-time real estate investor. I want to own my own real estate business. I want to learn how to flip homes right here in the Dallas Fort-Worth area for profit. Come join my team visit LetsGetPaid.com and we will show you how to become a full-time real estate investor right here and start a path to freedom with real estate here in the Dallas Fort worth area for absolutely free. Hey, and remember, Let’s Get Paid.