Hey, it’s Michael Williams with LetsGetPaid.com coming to you from my home here in downtown Dallas. Thanks for dropping by the website. And thanks for tuning into this video, where I’m going to answer six of the most common questions we get from people considering joining our real estate mentorship program. So no doubt, one of the first and probably the most popular question we get is who is let’s get paid, Michael, and, and what is let’s get paid? So let’s get paid is an investing philosophy my wife, Paige and I came up with back in 2017, we were investing full time at that point. And we were trying to find creative ways to grow and expand our business. And during that time, and very similar to what we run into today, we were approached by people that said, I really want to build my future on real estate. And I want to try to achieve freedom with real estate, but I can’t afford those expensive training fees that the professional trainers charge. And also, I don’t have any of my own capital that I can invest in these properties either to buy and hold or to try to make a profit really quickly off of a flip. So Paige and I saw this as an opportunity, an opportunity to share with people what we’ve learned and have been successful with all over the Dallas Fort worth area, as well as the opportunity to build our business and train people in an area that they really, really are motivated to learn about. They are just a little bit impeded that they don’t have the money right now to invest both in themselves and in the properties. So Paige and I came up with this approach that we would train people for free and ask them to immediately get out and apply that training, doing deals here in the Dallas Fort worth area. So not only do we train them for free, we also allow them to share in the profit that we make in these deals that we execute here in the Dallas Fort worth area, and that’s the let’s get paid philosophy. And that’s what set us on our path to expanding our real estate business by helping others, not only the homeowners that we purchase our homes with, but also the people that are in our investor network through our let’s get paid mentorship program. And that’s probably the most common question that we get a second, most common question that we get is, is your mentorship program really free? Michael, it sounds a little bit hard to believe. So, um, it is free. It is free if you commit to participate with us and you live up to your commitment, the program will be free to you. So from 2017, when we started the program through 2021, we never charged anybody on our mentorship program, a single cent either to invest in a house or to pay us for our training program. And beginning in 2022, we started to, we decided to change it a little bit and we changed it for the benefit of those people that are joining our program. Many people would come to my free training for the first two sessions and never get out there and apply what we had taught them. And that’s not what the let’s get paid program. It’s about. It’s about getting out there and doing investing. So what we’ve decided to do in 2022 is start charging a small startup fee of $250. And it’s a way to try to get people to commit and test their commitment. Are they really motivated? Do they really want to join the program? Are they just wanting a few training sessions that they don’t have to pay for? So, and we have started, uh, applying and, um, charging a 250 startup fee, but that is reimbursable. If you live up to your commitment and you participate with us for 10 hours a week, over an extended period of time, two or three months, we will reimburse that money to you. And the program will be absolutely free to you if you live up to your commitment to get out there and invest with us. So the third common question we get is, what am I gonna learn? What are you gonna teach me, Michael? Well, in Dallas Fort worth, we primarily do residential value added resale, which is commonly known as flips. Now we charge, we teach creative financing. Um, we teach how to buy and hold we how to we teach how to do owner financing, but our bread and butter is making money quickly by buying a home and forcing appreciation into it by rehabbing it within three or four months and then selling it ourselves at a premium market price. And although we teach every step of the process, we focus on the rehab process and value added resale. So this is what you’re going to learn. We’re going teach you how to qualify leads and find off market properties that you can buy in a discount. We’re going teach you how to sit with homeowners and convince them that selling their home may be the right time to do it right now. And we’re going to teach you how to do an evaluation of that home to understand how much it we should pay for it. In order to make a maximum profit, we’re gonna teach you how to do the rehab analysis, to know what your budget should be on rehab. We’re gonna teach you how to write the contract to execute the purchase of that home. We are not real estate agents. I don’t have a real estate license. My wife doesn’t have a real estate license. We have written over a 55 real estate contracts just in the past three years. We can teach you not only how to write a real estate contract, but also execute one, using the same Texas real estate commission contract form that a real estate agent would. So we teach you how to qualify the lead, how to assess the value of that lead, how to set a profit target, and then to actually execute the purchase of that home. We’re going to purchase that home with my money, and then we’re going to teach you how to do the rehab planning. We’re gonna teach you interior design so you can rehab that home to reach its premium market potential when we resell it. And then finally, we’re going to teach you how to list homes on the MLS, just like a real estate agent would market them and sell them yourself. Now, again, we’re gonna do that without a real estate agent, but we’re going to teach you how we do that ourselves to maximize our profit and reduce our cost by not paying real estate agent fees. And we’re going to teach you every step of that process that we execute. You’ll learn as well as you work with us on these deals throughout the Dallas Fort worth area. So the fourth question we get is related to that. How does the training work, Michael? Well, we trade in three different ways. We train with online videos on our website. We have a state-of-the-art learning platform that you can log into and watch videos that we’ve posted there 24 hours a day. And you can earn the right to work with me as a part of a monthly work workshop, where we will train you in a personalized way, wherever you are in our process. And in our curriculum for training, you can earn the right each month to sit with me in a four hour workshop where we’ll go through the next step in the curriculum. In that process of doing residential real estate flips, we will teach you one on one in a classroom environment. And thirdly, and most importantly, we’re going to get you out there investing in actual real estate deals that we will fund. You will partner with this on and you’ll get a percentage of the profit. And you’re going to get inside the deal training. That’s absolutely invaluable that you’re not going to get by watching YouTube videos or sitting in a classroom. We’re gonna put that knowledge to work. We’re going to do deals in the Dallas Fort worth area, and we’re both gonna make money doing it. And so online training classroom environment, and most importantly, inside the deal mentorship, that’s how we deliver the training.

And it’s been our experience that by far, that’s the best way to learn. The fifth question we get is, are you actually going to pay me Michael, while I’m taking this training that you’re giving me free? Are you actually going to pay me? And the answer is yes, like I’ve said, we’re gonna teach you something and actually ask you to get out there and implement it, doing real estate, investing in the field. If we’re gonna pay you commissions, if you identify good leads for us, if you get us appointments to talk to homeowners, we’re gonna pay you commission. If we get that home under contract, we’re gonna pay you another commission event. And finally, if we buy a home that you introduce us to the homeowner for, we are gonna pay you another commission event for purchasing that home with us. And then finally, if we flip that home and make a profit, you’re going to get a percentage of the profit.

So not only is the training free, you’re gonna earn while you learn with this making money, doing investing, as you learn with none of your own money at risk. And lastly, the six most common question that we get is what do I have to do? And when can I start Michael? So what we ask is that you commit to us in order to work with us, we ask that you commit 10 hours a week to not only receiving the training, but to getting out there and utilizing it. And we’re asking you to participate with us over an extended period of time. This isn’t something that you’re gonna watch five or six YouTube videos over a period of two weeks, and then you’re gonna be done with the program. We’re gonna shake hands. And I’m gonna ask you to get out there on your own and invest.