Hello, I’m Michael Williams, And I’m Paige Le. Thanks for stopping back by at the website at let’s get paid.com wanted to give you an overview of three projects that we finalized here at the end of 2018. All three of these projects were identified to us by student investors, working with us as part of our real estate investor mentoring program, they had identified a homeowner that needed assistance and we were able to purchase these properties. We have them back on the market right now, the student that had introduced us to these properties participated with us as we’ve been through the purchasing and the refurb process. They will get a percentage of the profit when we resell these homes and wanted to provide you an update and just an overview of how we refurb these properties and how you can participate with us to be part of investment deals just like this. One of our first priorities for this home was to give it a lot more curb appeal. We’ve removed some of the shrubbery and some of the ramps that were in front of it re landscape the front area. And it’s a lot more welcoming for somebody that wants to come in and visit the family.

So this is the fun part of being an investor is being able to design the space yourself. So what we decided to do was open up this kitchen by knocking down the walls. We modernized the home by picking white cabinets and also contrasting granite countertops and we added the island to allow for our open space. It easily flows into the living area, which will make it great for entertaining.

This next project comes from Grand Prairie, where we had a four bedroom, two bath home built in 2012, just needed a little bit of tender, loving care. It only took us 10 days to refresh this property, update the paint, the carpet. We were able to get it back on the resale market very, very quickly to keep us within our refer budget. We were able to utilize not only the existing kitchen tiles, but also the existing kitchen cabinets. We’ve painted the cabinets, white and installed an upgraded granite countertop for the kitchen counters. And it gives the whole area a bigger and larger field than it originally had.

Okay, so we found this house and it has a very unusual layout. It has two separate bathroom and both of the entryway were in the hallway. So what we did was we closed this door off and in the master bedroom, we added an entryway for that second bathroom, which provided a full master suite.

With investment deals all over the Dallas Fort worth area. This last property comes from Garland where we have a 1973, 4 bedroom, two bath.

So the priority on this home was to provide a new home owner, a sound infrastructure. The foundation was repair. What we did was replace the water heater. We fixed the plumbing issues that this house had. And we also did a new HVAC and with the money remaining, we updated the kitchen with ceramic tiles. We updated the living area with updated laminate woods. So for the kitchen, what we did was we updated it with granite countertops and we added a little bit color in the back splash so that way, when we walk in, it will pop.

Our Real Estate Investor Training program gives you the opportunity to participate in investment deals, just like this. Not only do we provide online training and personal mentorship, we bring you into the deals so you can learn as part of real investing activities, go to the contact page on the website and reach out to us. If you’d like more information on the program, you can own your own investment business. We can teach you by being a part of our investing activities. We appreciate your interest in the program. Let’s get paid.