Hello. I am Michael Williams and I’m Paige Le and we’re the owners of the Let’s Get Paid FREE real estate investor mentorship program mentorship program here in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area. Let’s get paid, represents a network of active residential real estate investor here in the Dallas Fort worth area. As part of let’s get paid, we provide personal mentoring and training for people that would like to begin a journey toward being an independent real estate investor and we provide this training at absolutely free.

If you are committed to changing your life through real estate and achieving freedom through real estate,the let’s get paid educational program will provide you with the opportunity to obtain the knowledge and develop the skills you need to start your own business and allow you to immediately begin making money as a real estate investor flipping houses.

It’s interesting to know that most people that pay for expensive real estate investor training never use the knowledge that they’re given. They never actually get out there and do any real estate investing.That’s what makes our program so different. Not only do we teach you the skills and give you the knowledge that you need, we actually enable you to get out there in beginning, vesting almost immediately. After joining our program. Our mentoring program is based upon a combination of in-person workshop, training, online education and personal mentoring. The training has three phases, including let’s find deals. Let’s close deals, and let’s make a deal where we teach you to design and rehab homes, and then sell them yourself without a real estate agent.

Different than most real estate investor education programs. We’re not going to bring you in for one low cost class only to try to sell you a much more expensive training program in order to give you the skills that you need to be successful. We do not make our money from training or from selling services. We are real estate investors. We make our money through real estate transactions. The let’s get paid philosophy is based upon expanding our network of educated investors, giving us the opportunity to identify more profitable transactions and by doing so, we invest more and we make more money. And everyone that participates gets paid in the process. That’s correct. Not only do we train you, we give you the opportunity to earn while you learn making money immediately as part of the real estate fields.

As part of our mentorship program, we not only provide you the knowledge you need to be successful. We also provide you leads to engage with highly motivated sellers that may be interested in selling their home. As you successfully engage with homeowners, we pay you commission, and if we execute a deal that you partner with us on, you get to share in a percentage of the profits. For those deals we partner with you on. We actually pay you four times before we make any money. And of course let’s get paid, provides all the funding and the investment capital needed to execute these deals. And we would never ask someone in our mentorship program to put their own money at risk.

Because of the personal attention we give to mentoring people. We can only accept a few individuals at one time, so we are looking for highly motivated people to participate. People that are ready to take massive action to change their life, to become a real estate investor.

To be part of our mentorship program. All we ask is that you be extremely motivated to become a real estate investor. We also ask that you live here in the Dallas Fort worth area, and that you have a minimum of 10 hours per week to dedicate to starting your own business in real estate investing.

You can check out our website and contact us or register for our next free in-person orientation meeting, where we will provide details of our mentorship program and how you can earn while you learn to be a real estate investor.

If you’re committed to changing your life through real estate investing, we’re committed to giving you the knowledge, skills, and opportunities that you need to be successful. We’d love to meet you in the near future and Hey, let’s get paid.