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Do not let 2024 be just another year.

Are you done with working hard every week to make someone else rich?

Are you ready to fire your boss and take control of your life ?

Are you ready to spend more time with your family and less time with people you don’t like at your J-O-B ?

It’s time to make a decision and make a change!

Decide to Take Control of your life and destiny.

Decide to stop trading your valuable time for very little pay.

Decide to learn the skills to build a business where others work for you!

Decide to design the dream life that you would like to live and develop an action plan to make it a reality.

Decide to live up to your full potential!

You Will Acquire This Priceless Knowledge…

  • Obtain the MINDSET that is needed to become an entrepreneur

  • How to earn INSTANT INCOME investing in real estate!

  • Learn the REI Path to Freedom Off-Market real estate investing strategy that has resulted in a multi-million dollar portfolio and seven income streams within 4 Years

  • How to use CREATIVE FINANCING to buy investment properties with no/little money or credit

  • Go on a virtual tour of a home we have recently sold in Arlington, Texas

  • Tactical training on how we EXECUTE EVERY STEP of the off-market real estate strategy without a real estate license and real estate agents

  • How to build a rental portfolio that generates Passive Income with none of your own cash invested!

  • How to develop Self-Managing Real Estate Businesses to realize PERSONAL and FINANCIAL FREEDOM

It’s Time to Decide.

It’s Time to learn the skills to Take Control.

Let us be your guide.

Since 2018, Paige Le, Michael Williams and Mychael Anderson have been buying, selling, and maximizing off-market real estate deals for profit in Dallas-Fort Worth. Thru the REI Path to Freedom Mentorship they have used their unique “Inside the Deal” education model to teach and accelerate motivated investors in Dallas-Fort Worth to start or expand their real estate journey. The REI Path to Freedom model enables students to participate in OUR active real estate deals and obtain actual “hands-on learning” without risking their own money. More importantly, REI Path to Freedom educates our members on how to build multiple real estate businesses that generate passive income and create a path to personal and financial freedom.

At the REI Path to Freedom live training event attendees will get transparent insight into the strategies and exact processes we have used to buy and sell >100 houses in the DFW area averaging >$50K in net profit with many deals exceeding >$100K net profit. Most of these deals were transacted with very little money invested.

Learn from Active DFW investors that live in Dallas, invest exclusively in Dallas Fort Worth and Mentor DFW resident students only.


Meet the expert guides that will help you rise.

Michael Williams

Michael is a serial Entrepreneur owning businesses in entertainment, Aerospace engineering, alternative learning, and Aerospace technology consulting. Michael is responsible for the real estate portfolio strategy for REI Path to Freedom and is also the lead educator.

Paige Le

Paige spent 20 Years as a Sr Manager in the technology sector prior to firing her boss and becoming her own boss in 2018. Paige has been the owner and lead operator of a residential real estate business that transacts >$4M yearly and has established a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio. Paige has developed a wealth of knowledge from completing >70 rehab projects in DFW and has a passion to share her practical and hands-on experience.

Mychael Anderson

Mychael escaped the corporate 9-5 in 2020 by becoming a full time real estate investor. Mychaels previous experience in sales, multi-level marketing and other side hustles gave him the confidence and skills to be very successful in real estate within a short period of time. Mychael has a practical understanding of all aspects of off market real estate but excels in deal finding, acquisitions, negotiations and creative finance.

Are you ready to be your own boss and experience the freedom to call your own shots?

If you are ready to make your move or just want to learn more about how real estate can be a vehicle to escape the 9If-5 grind this meeting is for you!

  • Learn how you can begin a journey to owning a scaled Real Estate business as a side hustle to your current job.

  • Learn how you can replace the income from your current job very quickly by flipping houses!

  • Learn how a scaled and self managed real estate business can provide you more freedom and more money than continuing to be an employee!

  • Learn why the wealthy have achieved success thru business ownership not be trading time for money.

  • Learn how off market real estate provides the ultimate financial leverage allowing you to buy homes with very little cash.

Watch this video to experience a few of the homes we have rehabbed.

Each segment identifies the NET Profit we made and for some homes indicates the minimal amount of our own money that was invested to purchase the home.

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Learn how the REI Path to Freedom Framework will give you a path to Escape the 9-5 or start a side hustle that makes active and passive income

Tired of making someone else rich while you can barely pay your bills?

Develop a plan where you become the boss and you scale an REI business by having others work for you.

Are you done with someone else directing your life?

Owning a real estate business gives you the freedom to work when you want, with who you want and where you want!

Tired of only making money when you work and trading time for pay?

Real Estate is THE best asset to generate passive income and make money in your sleep!

Don’t Miss Out on Your Path to Freedom!


Watch videos of our recent rehabs!!