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Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Attend our REI Path to Freedom Virtual Live Workshop to develop skills that create generational wealth and a leave a legacy for your family!

Let’s Get Paid Real Estate Investor Mentorship Program

Since 2018 Paige Le and Michael Williams have been buying, selling, and maximizing off-market real estate deals for profit in Dallas-Fort Worth. Michael and Paige have used their unique “Inside the Deal” education model through the Let’s Get Paid Mentorship program to educate and accelerate motivated investors in Dallas-Fort Worth to start or expand their real estate journey. The Let’s Get Paid model enables the students in our network to participate in active real estate deals and obtain actual “hands-on learning” without risking their own money. More importantly, Let’s Get Paid educates our members on how to build multiple Real Estate businesses that generate passive income and create a path to personal and financial freedom.

  • Learn from Dallas Based Investors buying homes Weekly in the DFW Area!

  • Learn “Hands On” with our unique “Inside the Deal” Education Model

  • We live in Dallas! We only invest and educate in the D-FW Area!

The Let’s Get Paid “Inside the Deal” mentorship model provides “hands-on” real estate education much more effectively than videos and remote coaching calls.

Many REI training programs cost tens of thousands of dollars and are offered by “out-of-town” trainers that only provide videos and phone calls to express “opinions” about the current D-FW real estate market. Let’s Get Paid ACTIVELY buys homes weekly in D-FW. We know the D-FW real estate market because we are investing in it on a daily basis. At Let’s Get Paid, you learn hands-on by participating in our active D-FW real estate deals without risking your own money.

What you will learn at the The REI Path to Freedom virtual Workshop

  • Obtain the mindset that is needed to become an entrepreneur

  • How to earn instant income investing in real estate!

  • Learn the Let’s Get Paid Off Market REI strategy that has resulted in a multimillion dollar portfolio and seven income streams within 4 Years

  • How to use Creative Financing to buy investment properties with no/little money or credit required

  • Go on a virtual tour of a home we have recently sold in Arlington Texas

  • Tactical training on how we execute EVERY step of the off market real estate strategy without a real estate license and real estate agents

  • How to develop Self Managing Real Estate Businesses to realize personal and financial freedom


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“Previously we participated in many training seminars and invested our time and money in programs. We had gathered costly, random information and still had no idea where to start. After attending the Let’s Get Paid orientation, we knew we were in the right place and with the right people. We are grateful for having found people who are helping us fulfill our own goals in becoming independent investors in real estate. The program really works!”

– Enrique & Geovana

Enrique & Geovana

“It was difficult for me to find a real estate training program as most were too costly. I also needed the opportunity for hands on learning not just videos and webinars. I joined this program at no cost and made over $6,000 within my first 5 weeks executing profitable deals!”

– Marie


“I’ve gained so much knowledge working with Let’s Get Paid. Not only did I learn the fundamentals of real estate investing but I also demonstrated the ability to help homeowners through challenges and obstacles. This program is absolutely free. Let’s Get Paid provides wealth and knowledge to those who makes a commitment to invest their time and dedication.”

– Chris & Samantha

Chris & Samantha

“Working with Michael and Paige has been great! They are ethical and go out of their way to help the homeowner. I have not seen a better real estate investor training program.”

– Stephen


Join us for our all day PATH TO FREEDOM Virtual Live Stream Workshop on September 30th, 2023!